Writing Goes On

My primary objective after stepping away from executive work was speaking and writing (see Speech Topics) about how individuals, teams and organizations can triple results and balance for everyone through effective leadership and modern HR practices.

Now I’ve set out to blog and write about key Zen-like skills that help individuals (and organizations) achieve the success and happiness they want.

We could all be a lot happier and more effective by broadening the style of the majority of leaders in organizations and it’s easy to do for both individuals and their organizations.

Since a lot of my earlier web site dealt with HR and leadership from an organizational perspective, many articles and blog items before July 2014 have that focus. However since the principles involved apply so much to individual success and happiness as well, I’ve left them in. It’s hard enough to pull examples of how the principles work in widely varied situations and all of these are framed around exactly those ideas. Going forward the examples will be more about how individuals apply them.


Strategy Advising

Crisp Leadership Strategies used to provide a wide range of strategic human resources, leadership and performance advice to a broad spectrum of profit and not-for-profit clients, tailoring to their specific needs.

Since Dave spoke regularly about HR strategies and trends, was a member of several major professional organizations in related areas and a key writer and thought leader for an HR think tank organization, Strategic Capability Network, he hopes to offer summarized insights on the latest, practical, results-oriented thinking in easily implementable terms.

Dave can be reached by telephone at 647-227-2646 or by email (click here for email) during regular hours Eastern Time.